Dr. Schuler and Darryl Schmidt

Although Concordia did not send a team for the 2014 season, Dr. Mark Schuler and area supervisor Darryl Schmidt did spend the first week of July at Sussita doing maintenance […]

After an overnight delay due to the cancellation of their Air Canada flight, the dig prep team (Laura, Erin, Jackie, and Dr. Schuler) have arrived at Kibbutz Ein Gev. They […]

Completing the set

In 2009, the Concordia Team discovered an inscription honoring Tarius Titianus, a governor of Syria Palestinae. On the third day of the 2011 season, a sharp-eyed volunteer, Concordia student Meghan […]

2010 Excavation report

The full report on the 2010 season has now been published by the University of Haifa. Click here to order.