July 2014
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Fresco Fragment from the House of Tyche

While uncovering the southern section of the east room of the House of Tyche, excavators retrieved fragments of an ancient fresco decorating the room. The fragments were no longer attached to the walls of the room, but a reconstruction of a portion of the fresco is possible.

Fresco fragments from the east room of . . . → Read More: Fresco Fragment from the House of Tyche

Dig prep team has arrived

After an overnight delay due to the cancellation of their Air Canada flight, the dig prep team (Laura, Erin, Jackie, and Dr. Schuler) have arrived at Kibbutz Ein Gev. They will attend the Tel Hai conference at the start of the week and then turn their energies to preparing the site and the lab for . . . → Read More: Dig prep team has arrived

Completing the set

In 2009, the Concordia Team discovered an inscription honoring Tarius Titianus, a governor of Syria Palestinae. On the third day of the 2011 season, a sharp-eyed volunteer, Concordia student Meghan O’Neill, spotted a stone with Greek writing on it in the area she was excavating. The find turned out to be another portion of the . . . → Read More: Completing the set

2010 Report

The full report on the 2010 season has now been published by the University of Haifa. Click here to order.

Goddess of Fortune found in Sussita

The Tyche of Hippos

During the eleventh excavation season held by the University of Haifa a wall painting was found of Tyche, the Greek goddess of fortune. Also discovered was the relief of a maenad, a female companion of the god of wine, in the throes of a frenzied dance.

A wall painting (fresco) of Tyche, . . . → Read More: Goddess of Fortune found in Sussita