What does it say? 1

Here’s the video of Arthur Segal translating the first line of the inscription. The sound quality is not the best, but it’s worth watching for Arthur’s gestures and Andrea’s bounciness. I think there must have a been a bee buzzing around Andrea; that’s why she’s waving her hands in front of her face a couple of times.

Who’s who? Andrea Heiliger, illustrator for the Concordia team, is in the gray shirt and white hat; Kristina Neumann, assistant director for the Concordia team, is wearing the red bandanna around her head; Arthur Segal, head archaeologist of the dig and director of the Haifa team, is in the navy shirt; Mark Schuler, director of the Concordia team, is in the gray Yale shirt; later in the video they are joined by Michael Eisenberg, second in command for the whole dig.