July 23, 2007

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Up, up, up we go every morning before the sun rises. Today was another day digging atop the mysterious Hippos. The morning began with more digging in the street. There was only a little dirt left and the thought was that it would be finished by tomorrow. Apparently there was only enough to last through today. Dr. Schuler started a wall rebuilding program in the street. The basic idea behind the program was to pull out the wall stones level out the dirt and replace them so they were nice and neat. Rumor has it that there will be a parade in the street tomorrow because the street is finally finished after a long season. The other squares continued as normal. Linda lead a team in F2 sweeping and Rachel continued her leadership in the A squares. The F square is on the western side of the church and the A squares are on the eastern side. Focus shifted from the F squares to the side middle rooms to the south end of the complex. Tomorrow is one of our last days digging atop Hippos. Im sure it will be a great day.

Well, I am very pleased to say we are almost done with the street! Yay! We began this morning on a quest for pavers, but we didn't find very many. Apparently all the large stones were robbed out from the half of the street closest to the decumanus. Frustrating. Then the tractor came and removed some large stones, and pushed some dirt down from the sides. But we are doing great, and we are almost there! We might even finish tomorrow! In other news, the teams in C and A are doing wonderfully. New walls seem to be sprouting all over the place. Other than that, not much exciting is happening other than we are moving dirt, and exposing a lot of walls. In really other news, we have an oral exam today that I am really not excited about… shoot… Your Bro in Christ, Kevin