June 2015
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Shirts for 2015


New shirts are available for the 2015 season. Get your look for the field or support the team.  Buy them at our Dig Store.

Team set for 2015

At this writing, our team for the 2015 is set.  Four Concordia students and six adult volunteers will be in the field starting 19 July. Three of our regulars (Darryl, John, and Jim[Jim]) will be back bringing their significant experience to the team.

2015 work

Our excavation work in 2015 will focus on the House of Tyche on the eastern side of the site. We will complete work on the domestic space. Part of that work will include probes to bedrock in the southeast corner of the structure, portions of which were in continual use until the time of the destruction of the city. If time allows, we will also open one or more squares on the north side of the Church of the Elderly Woman in order to expose the corner of a building connected to the church.

Enjoy Hippos from Above…

Aerial view, Hippos-Sussita ancient city from Samuel Magal on Vimeo.

Registration opens for 2015

Please follow this link to the registration page for the 2015 season. Join us this season!

Featured in BAR

november-december-2014 BAR

The November/December 2014 issue of Biblical Archaeology Review includes an article on the Hippos Excavation and the recent publication of Hippos-Sussita of the Decapolis. The article focusses on the House of Tyche, including good photos of the Tyche fresco and an inscription from the entrance hall.