April 2014
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Coming in 2015

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3D Model based on work through 2013

Design by Jackie Wiebold

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Hot off the press!


Report ont he first twelve years.

Hot off the press

A. Segal, M. Eisenberg, J. Młynarczyk, M. Burdajewicz, M. Schuler, Hippos (Sussita) of the Decapolis: The First Twelve Seasons of Excavations (2000-2011), Volume I, The Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa, Haifa 2013.
ISBN 978-965-7547-03-8
Hardcover, 323 pages, all plates in full color, album size (24×33 cm). Cost:
Regular – $130; €95; 450 NIS
Hippos Volunteers (past & present) – $100; €73; 350 NIS
Cover, contents and few sample pages:

Meanwhile the book may be ordered thorough; the prices as stated above (regular=$130, volunteer=$100), just add please postal costs ($18 for the US, €10 for Europe or $22 for Australia).
The payment should be made by a personal cheque payable to: “University of Haifa”.
Please specify clearly your full name, address and e-mail.
Send to:
Dr. Michael Eisenberg
Hippos Excavation Project
Zinman Institute of Archaeology
Department of Archaeology – University of Haifa
Haifa 3498838

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ARAM Conference on the Decapolis

ARAMThe ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies held its Thirty-Eighth International Conference on the topic of the “The Decapolis: History and Archaeology” at the Oriental Institute of the University of Oxford. Dr. Schuler presented a paper titled, “Microcosm of Transition: The Northeast Insula Project at Hippos of the Decapolis.” An audio and slide version of the paper is published here in three formats:
Flash, HTML5 (formatted for iPad), and YouTube

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Long-range plan

Four additional seasons have been planned for the Northeast Insula Project at Hippos of the Decapolis.

Schema of plan

2015 – Return with a team to work on the east side (blue area) of the peristyle house.

2016 – Excavation of a small area north of the church and expand work south of the house and church another five meters or until we reach walls (green area). The work in the south will provide a more stable site.

2017 – Finish work in the above areas in first half of the season. Thoroughly clean site and perform a complete digital scan.

2018 – Final season (study season; small team)


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2013 Report and Oops . . .

Over the next weeks, we will start adding materials for the 2013 season to the excavation report linked above. However, in the midst of the 2013 season, we discovered a error when we mapped the squares using the new north/south system. So, in the excavation data, we will include updated materials from 2012. The text of this year’s report will discuss both seasons together.

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Time flies

Day 20

Today was our last day on the excavation site. A lot of emotions, feelings, friendships and memories were made up on Mount Sussita. This has been a once in a life time opportunity and I’m personally so glad that I was able to experience it. Today was a really low key day. We finished finding the floor in our room, and Darryl and I excavated the pot, which was in large pieces. Hopefully now Rubin the pottery expert will be able to put it back together.  We also took a tour of the top of Mount Sussita, which only has about 5 percent of it excavated. Tonight we are all going to the meat restaurant to help celebrate our last evening together.  Time has really flown by, and in no time we will all be safe and sound in our families’ arms!


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Great day of findings!!!!

Day 19

First I want to apologize for miss spelling House of Tyche; I had been spelling it TK. Other than that today has been an extremely exciting day! Not only did we find floor, but we found large pieces of pottery shards, filling about 4 bucket worth. We also found a pot of some sort that was still mostly intact but was upside down that we plan on extracting tomorrow. Darryl found a double bladed axe head from the byzantine/ Umayyad period, usually used in battle. (How cool is that) The last half of the day we had to do a little bit of cleaning up so we were working in the sun and heat, it was brutal.  All in all I would have to say that today was a day of amazing findings!!!!!!



The Pot on its side


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Rock a doodle doo

Day 18

Rock a doodle doo. Today was a fun filled day of lifting rock after rock, wahoo!!! Dr. Schuler noticed that the plaster on one of the walls had a slight curve to it, he couldn’t be sure what would be underneath it, but he expected it to be some sort of a fountain.  Jonathan worked in the corner for about three hours and discovered a basin of some sort, the original function of which is still left unknown. Tonight the Haifa team took everyone on a boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee, it was magical, and fun to be around and gave us a chance to chit-chat with people. On a final note we are getting so close to floor, I can’t wait!

Darryl, John and Jim Jim


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Three days left

Day 17

Three more days left on the excavation. Where has the time gone?!? This morning was a slow start. There were a few walls in the excavation site that we had to take down due to the fear that they may collapse, so majority of the men took care of that this morning. After lunch is when we REALLY got the ball rolling! This room has so much “tumble”, it’s crazy. I’m glad that we have a good system of hauling dirt. We are able to see the progression as you go. Today we may have found part of the wall, which is exciting. Other than that it has been the usual. It is Dr. Schuler’s turn to present a lecture tonight so the group plans on going to that. Tomorrow is a new a day and I’m looking forward to see how much we can achieve!!!

Our men hauling rock!

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