Photo of the Tyche

The fragmentary fresco of Tyche, discovered in the Northeast Insula, is on view at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. We recommend a website for the Museums of Israel for a […]



As we enter the primary recruiting season for the 2016 dig, we make avaialbel for download the following items:

Please, pass the word; and join us, if you can, 30 June to 29 July 2016.

2016 dig areas

We are pleased to announce the fifteenth season of excavations for the team from Concordia Saint Paul at Hippos of the Decapolis. ¬†Excavation will take place from 3-28 July. ¬†Housing […]

Team 2015

Equipment has been stored for another year. We have returned to the states, and the jet lag is almost gone.¬† The time is at hand to say “Farewell” to the […]