July 2014
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Coming in 2015

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3D Model based on work through 2013

Design by Jackie Wiebold

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Hot off the press!


Report ont he first twelve years.

Hot off the press

A. Segal, M. Eisenberg, J. Młynarczyk, M. Burdajewicz, M. Schuler, Hippos (Sussita) of the Decapolis: The First Twelve Seasons of Excavations (2000-2011), Volume I, The Zinman Institute of Archaeology, University of Haifa, Haifa 2013.
ISBN 978-965-7547-03-8
Hardcover, 323 pages, all plates in full color, album size (24×33 cm). Cost:
Regular – $130; €95; 450 NIS
Hippos Volunteers (past & present) – $100; €73; 350 NIS
Cover, contents and few sample pages:

Meanwhile the book may be ordered thorough; the prices as stated above (regular=$130, volunteer=$100), just add please postal costs ($18 for the US, €10 for Europe or $22 for Australia).
The payment should be made by a personal cheque payable to: “University of Haifa”.
Please specify clearly your full name, address and e-mail.
Send to:
Dr. Michael Eisenberg
Hippos Excavation Project
Zinman Institute of Archaeology
Department of Archaeology – University of Haifa
Haifa 3498838

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ARAM Conference on the Decapolis

ARAMThe ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies held its Thirty-Eighth International Conference on the topic of the “The Decapolis: History and Archaeology” at the Oriental Institute of the University of Oxford. Dr. Schuler presented a paper titled, “Microcosm of Transition: The Northeast Insula Project at Hippos of the Decapolis.” An audio and slide version of the paper is published here in three formats:
Flash, HTML5 (formatted for iPad), and YouTube

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Long-range plan

Four additional seasons have been planned for the Northeast Insula Project at Hippos of the Decapolis.

Schema of plan

2015 – Return with a team to work on the east side (blue area) of the peristyle house.

2016 – Excavation of a small area north of the church and expand work south of the house and church another five meters or until we reach walls (green area). The work in the south will provide a more stable site.

2017 – Finish work in the above areas in first half of the season. Thoroughly clean site and perform a complete digital scan.

2018 – Final season (study season; small team)


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