September 2015
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Project from the Air



Courtesy of the University of Haifa, an aerial photo of the Project at the end of 2015…

Farewell from Sussita

Team 2015

Equipment has been stored for another year. We have returned to the states, and the jet lag is almost gone.  The time is at hand to say “Farewell” to the 2015 season and to begin to think about 2016.  Details are still coming together.  Watch for more. The report will be published here in November.

Thanks to students and volunteers for their hard work! May the memories be cherished.

Final models available

ends of the season

The final 3D models of our excavation season are now available:




Destruction fill

At the end of week three, the destruction of the earthquake that destroyed our building is even more apparent. The middle section of our window wall seems to be blown apart.

destruction fill

However, at the bottom of the fill a column appears in the plaster floor. It is the first hint indicating how the area was roofed (and explains a number of broken pieces in the fill that may have come from simple arch).

column in corner

You can see the column appearing next to the upright of the frame for our shade. By the way, we also found an olive pit near the column.  We will sift for more when we go back to work on Sunday.

Latest model

At the end of week 3 . . .

DQ40 on 6 Aug
by Dr. Mark Schuler
on Sketchfab